Over 50,000+ Field Force members have already taken part in Pilot500 in 65 countries.
More than 550 Country Managers have recently used our services

Our very large dataset of previous respondents means we can provide selected benchmark information
and prepare bespoke country specific analyses to support multi-country deployments.
The proprietary Pilot500® “Selling Styles” and “Management styles” analyses provide
a unique framework for both strategic direction and detailed implementation


50,000 Field Force members and their managers have already taken part
in Pilot 500 in 65 countries, in 35 languages.


USA, Canada, Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Ecuador, Peru…


France, UK, Germany, Belgium, Holland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Portugal, Spain, Russia, Baltics, Bulgaria, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Ukraine, Belarus, South Africa, Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon…


China, Japan, India, Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Philippines, Australia, New Zealand…

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  • Pilot500 gave us new and unique vision about real strengths and weaknesses of the whole commercial operations (Sales/Marketing/FLM/Training, etc…) in our top 20 countries

    President & CEO - Swiss Group
  • What I really like is that Pilot500 lets you track progress to becoming a Professional field force and tells you what actions to take. Step by step we are getting there.

    EVP International , US Biotech Company
  • We found out where was the low hanging fruit that would bring pretty immediate results and what were the things to work on in the longer term. Pilot500 gave us a great roadmap.

    CEO, French Company
  • Pilot500 gives me “detailed instruments in my cockpit”. Watching them and taking the necessary actions let’s me stay on track to achieving our targets.

    EVP Europe - Danish Company
  • The Pilot500 analysis and recommendations were clear, insightful and above all, really actionable for our local leadership teams.

    Global Head Sales Force Excellence - Swiss Company
  • We learnt a lot about our first line managers. They are the critical link and Pilot500 made it clear how we needed to help them do an even better job.

    Head of Operational Excellence EMEA - Japanese Company
  • As newly appointed GM in Japan, I implemented Pilot500 when I arrived and I’ve got clear ideas on things to improve after only 8 weeks… and time is money!

    President Japan - American Company
  • We mainly used Pilot500 “Onboarding” to most effectively help our new country Managers, both in Europe and Asia.

    Global Head of Commercial Excellence - German Company
  • Pilot500 is a great exercise to do with regularity. It tells us if what we are doing in head office is really reaching the field. The “chemistery” between the Pilot500 team and our team was excellent and fruitful. Thanks Eric!

    Country President - Italian Company
  • Through the Pilot500 deep granularity, we have seen weak points in the Field Force, Marketing… which were slightly underestimated, even unsuspected at the head-office.

    President China - Swiss Company
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Customers satisfaction

After every project, we systematically ask our clients (essentially Senior Leaders…) to complete a short survey on their satisfaction.
(based on a scale between 1 = very bad  to 6 = very good)

  • 0.4
    The proposed recommendations contained actionable insights?
  • 0.9
    How would you describe the ''value for money'' of the Pilot500 project?
  • 0.8
    Do you personally feel to be a ''valued customer''?
  • 0.5
    How was the ''chemistry'' between you/your team and the Pilot500 team?
  • 0.3
    Would you recommend Pilot500 to other colleagues in other affiliates within the company?
  • 0.1
    Would you use Pilot500 again if you moved to another company?
  • 0.5
    In conclusion, what is your overall satisfaction level of this Pilot500 project?
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