Most Pharmaceuticals companies use very similar go-to market models,
management approaches, processes and tools, etc.
So, what will make the difference in terms of performance?
It’s the ability to execute!

Our projects address each specific company and country situation
to a high degree of detail. This precision enables you to develop a comprehensive action plan
and your organisation to implement with conviction and impact


Whilst the customer environment is continually evolving in terms of healthcare provision then so the pharmaceutical industry approach tends to evolve to match this.

What generally remains a constant though is the significant level of investment that the industry makes in running and supporting front-line customer-facing roles. Although the investment in sales forces remains large there is also the increasing deployment of differentiated and more specialised teams into the field with, for example, the emergence of large investments in roles such as KAMs and MSLs and consequent account management approaches.

It is clear that most Pharmaceuticals companies use a similar go-to market model, develop optimal brand strategies, have similar processes and tools etc.

So, what will make the difference in terms of performance? It is well documented in the world of strategy that the ability to execute is critical and often a lack of ability to execute well is the main reason for failure.

Pilot500® gets to the heart of everything involved in the execution of strategy; from examining belief in the strategies through to how well the customer-facing teams are organised, managed and supported… in 60+ countries

Optimising the effectiveness and efficiency of these customer-facing teams (and how they are supported) remains a key objective for the Senior Leadership teams in order to strengthen overall performance.

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From start to finish of a country deployment would normally take only 8 weeks
(4 weeks to prepare the questions and set up the web interface and
4 weeks to analyse the results and prepare the report and
the interactive web-interface to examine all the results).

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  • 1

    is the development of the questionnaire to be used in the project. We will provide a ‘standard’ questionnaire as a start point and we will then support you to create the questionnaire for the project to ensure that this is totally aligned with your company language and specifics of the elements of your business that you wish to gain feedback upon. This will then be translated into the local language of the respondents, if necessary.

  • 2

    involves the preparation and testing of the website interface for the project.

  • 3

    is completed in one day – this is the day that all the respondents will be asked to complete the survey. Our experience tells us that this day should be in the diary of the respondents to ensure a very high participation rate. This is critical to delivering results that you can consider to be quantified.

  • 4

    is back with us for the analysis of the responses and preparation of the report, recommendations and the Visualizer database of off responses.

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From each project, a full analysis of “structural” strengths, weaknesses and the challenges the respondents perceive, is delivered.

A comprehensive summary report including a ‘fact based’ analysis with actionable and clear recommendations is provided, structured according to the Pilot500® ‘7 Management Keys’®; along with a web-based interactive database (the “Visualizer”) of all the responses to the questions (including all the stratifications).

Due to the comprehensive nature of the approach the Client Company can further interrogate the full results database via the Visualizer to develop very precise insights, which can therefore result in many actions for fine tuning performance at a detailed level.

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